• Beauty Device
  • Face Mask
  • Skin analyzer
  • Elecric Toothbrush DISCOVER
  • 4 in 1 Beauty Equipment DISCOVER
  • Blackhead Suction II DISCOVER
  • Glove Face Brush DISCOVER
  • Round Face Brush DISCOVER
  • Doll Face Brush DISCOVER
  • Photon LED Face Mask DISCOVER
  • Tulip Face Brush DISCOVER
  • Ice-cream Face Brush DISCOVER
  • Lemon Face Brush DISCOVER
  • Chicken Face Brush DISCOVER
  • Wildcat Face Brush DISCOVER
  • Blackhead Suction DISCOVER
  • Nano Ion Sprayer 4.0 DISCOVER
  • Belle Facial Brush DISCOVER
  • Nano Ion Sprayer 1.0 DISCOVER
  • Frozen DISCOVER
  • Aurora DISCOVER
  • Star Array DISCOVER
  • Night DISCOVER
  • Night Sky DISCOVER
  • Cinnamomum camphora leaves DISCOVER


TecDash is looking for creative people from worldwide to join our fast-paced, challenging, yet enjoyable work atmosphere.

Welcome to join us if you have interest in selling beauty products in your city and even your country no matter you are beauty enthusiast, salesperson or training specialist, etc.
Working locally in your country and Just fulfill yourself! Please submit your resume to to be considered for any open positions.

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